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I’m here in Washington and what is Washington known for??  SALMON!  durr

San Juan Island has that typical island feel, a bit slower, laid-back, and nicer.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t escape the island pitfalls…  Expensive everything… gas, goods, and of course, food.  There are two grocery stores in town, Friday Harbor Marketplace and King’s Market.  FH Marketplace is the one most people go to because it’s cheaper, although a little off the main street.  King’s is more expensive and has more of an upscale feel with eager young teens in polos waiting at the end of the checkout line to bag your goods.  However, my trip just happened to fall right on one King’s summer salmon sale!

Is that not one of the most beautiful things ever?!?  There were all sorts of salmon: Sockeye, King, smoked, jerky, filet, and whole fish with the head off.  I had initially thought that the sale was at the usual seafood section in the store, but my local guide (driver, and boss) enlightened me and took me out to the back parking lot where they had a whole salmon selling operation set up.  Giant tubs of ice displaying all of the above.  I got some sockeye that was recommended to me and it was $7.99 a pound.  The most striking thing about it is the color!  This ain’t no farmed salmon now.  It is practically glowing orange.  Apparently, sockeye is the most orange-y of the bunch.  I picked up that nice looking filet and a small piece of spicy salmon jerky at $16.99 per pound and made out like a bandit.  It was only around 4 but I literally felt like I had to eat my salmon as soon as I got home I was so excited (and actually hungry for some reason).

I cut it roughly in half.





Seasoned with salt and pepper and pan-fried that baby in butter.  Just to get the pure salmon besides the fact that I have no other ingredients.  Actually, I had to use someone else’s salt and pepper…


The final product.

Perhaps a bit crispy…  The pan may have been a bit too hot, but I almost finished that entire piece!  Add some corn and dinner done.


I might even go back and get some more muahaha.  I have one week left to stuff myself with as much salmon as possible.  It’s not even worth getting the stuff on the east coast.  Better to fill my salmon quota here in Washington at the source.  Not perfectly cooked, the center could have used a bit more heat, but delicious anyhow!