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Ready for the Week!

This weekend was pretty good.  I did a Suicide Prevention Walk yesterday morning (5 miles), hung out with friends, managed to not drive at alllll today, and cooked food for the week ahead.

oodles of peanutty soba noodles

I find that cooking during the week can be difficult sometimes and it’s great to just wake up and have something ready to take for lunch.  I made the above noodles which were yummy and some mediocre fried rice.  I used a Guy Fieri recipe for Peanut Soba Noodle Salad that I had alllmost all the ingredients for!  Amazing, I know.  I figured it’s one of those recipes where it’s okay to guesstimate the measurements without heinous repercussions.  I only cooked about 2/3 of a pound of soba so I had some extra peanut sauce in the end, but hey, maybe I’ll make some spring rolls later in the week?  Bah, the point of this was to not have to cook for a while…  Oh well, the only other problem is actually eating all this food.  I have a whole 4+ servings of peanut noodles and a giant bowl of fried rice to eat through this week.

Happy Eatings.