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Fermentation: Science Meets Food in the NYT!

So I happen to grab a copy of the NYT yesterday on campus knowing that Wednesdays are the best days because of the dining section.  Behold, this is what I saw:

Amazing photo from the New York Times

Someone who’s not so microbially inclined might look at it and say ‘Ew, what is that? Why are they showing bacteria in the Dining section??’  I, who happens to be taking a microbiology lab course right now, look at it and say ‘Wow what awesome bacteria! Fermenters?’ and would want to do some CHEST (color, height, edge, size, texture) descriptions of those babies and do some re-streaks to get some pure culture plates.  I brought the article in to lab today to show to Barb, the nicest lab instructor ever, and she loved it.  I mean really, how could you not?

As if it couldn’t get any better, the article is about Sandor Katz who is somewhat of a fermentation guru who is checking out fermented goods at David Chang’s Momofuku’s Noodle Bar!  *dies* I have yet to go to any of the Momofuku establishments but they are definitely on my bucket list!  The talk of the fermented goods makes me hungry: kimchi (dur) and pistachio miso.  The R&D kitchen sounds like a foodie scientist’s dream!

The article takes and interesting twist revealing that Mr. Katz is HIV positive.  He states it’s possible that harnessing the probiotic goodness of fermented foods could be contributing to reducing side effects of meds.

I just had to share the excitement that I felt when this interaction between food and science (that also happens to be very applicable to my life right now) was featured in the dining section!  Not sure about you, but it makes me want to go eat some kimchi…