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Lu’au in Ithaca

Ithaca is known for Cornell, crappy weather, and the gorges.  Lu’au’s??  Not so much.  Despite Ithaca being one of the most un-tropical places, every year there is, indeed, a lu’au.

Every spring, the Cornell Hawai’i Club puts on a Lu’au.  Complete with a buffet of Hawaiian food and hula dances, this lu’au is completely run by students.  A lu’au is a festive gathering where, traditionally, pork cooked in an imu, or underground oven, is served.  Although there was no underground oven, the lu’au served up up kalua (which means sherdded) pork, fried noodles, sweet potatoes, lomi salmon, lihing fruit, and rice.  Dessert served up butter mochi (rice cake), pineapple upside-down cake, and haupia, which is a traditional coconut custard.


dinner of Hawaiian foods                                    mmm dessert!

In addition to the buffet, lu’au also features a whole program of dances.  The two types of hula are kahiko and ‘auana.  Kahiko is the ancient style of hula that incorporates traditional mele, or songs, and ‘oli, or chants.  ‘Auana is the modern style that can be accompanied with current songs, music, and costuming.  Another year, another Lu’au.  Mahalo (thank you)!

Tahitian dance

Real Ramen!

My first bowl of real ramen! I didn’t think it would be in Hawai’i but life is full of surprises.

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Some co-workers took me here for lunch at McCully shopping center. The restaurant was not clearly labeled but I think it might have been called Kyoto Ramen? They had a pantan broth made of pork and chicken and had house made chashu which is marinated, tender pork slices garnishing the soup and noodles. A bowl was about $10 with and additional $1 if you wanted it spicy, which of course I had. The noodles were think and chewy but not too hard and they also were house made. It was definitely everything I had expected and more. A hearty bowl of rich soup with chashu and noodles… they were meant to be together. I’ve always been a broth drinker when it came to soups and never more so than this bowl of ramen. For most of my life ramen was that instant msg-ified meal that tasted awesome while eating it but makes you feel like crap afterward. Now with the real thing, ramen is satisfying before during and after.

Kyoto Ramen: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 5 super yummy noodles!