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Washington STATE!

A symbol of Washington state: Rainier cherries.

Only, perhaps, my third time to the west coast, I have finally come to Washington state!  Hailing from the DC area, I feel the need to include the word ‘state’ after as people (aka me) could be thinking of Washington DC?  It is probably just my east-coast-centric mind.

Wikipedia tells me that Rainier cherries were developed at Washington State University so they literally are a product of the state.  (Other interesting facts include that about 1/3 of the harvest is eaten by birds, which may be a reason why they sell for as much as a dollar apiece in Japan!).  My real question is: Why are they called Rainier cherries?  Are they named after Mt. Rainier?  If Rainier is a person then who is he/she and why is everything named after him/her??  What’s in a name?  That’s really the only part of that Shakespeare quote I can remember… sorryz.  Lit was never my strong point.

Besides the name, I can’t really get over how freaking pretty these cherries are!  A golden peachy-red that is reminiscent of sunsets and ‘sex on the beach’ drink you just want to dive into.  I’ve seen them at the grocery store before, but never was able to convince myself to buy them because they were more expensive than the red ones.  HA!  No more since I’m in Washington!  The state that is…  I got almost 1/3 pounds of these beauties for about five bucks.  My intuitive powers predict that I’ll be eatin a lot of Rainier cherries while I’m here.