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New York State Fair

Another first this labor day weekend was a trip to the great New York State Fair.  I had heard that the NYS fair was good but had never had the opportunity to go.  You really have to experience it for yourself.

plethora of food signs

Not only for the food, but also for the bunnies, cows, crafts, concerts, and activities.  There were so many animals…  cows, sheep, bunnies, chickens, other fowl, goats, and on.

lionhead bunny! there was this poster outlining how the lionhead bunny is a result of a mutation in ‘x’ gene and how it’s recessive so that means xyz… these people are serious about their bunnies!

All the animals were for show and they had all different breeds, colors, shapes, sizes of these animals.  Most people don’t normally see cows just chillin in a giant building with hundreds of other cows.  I saw someone literally blow drying a cow’s hair? fur? I assume to get ready for the show.  They were pretty cute and bony…

chillin dairy cows + boy…

And of course the udders…


I don’t really understand how they’re able to walk around with such udderly big udders.  And it is a bit strange to actually see where your milk comes from…  It’s so removed from the cow in a gallon jug that it’s easy to forget it ever came from an animal.  I don’t think that’s really a positive for our food system.

Other highlights:

I got to hold a chick at the 4-H booth!


There was a cheese carver and cheese samples.

she carvin the cheese

sample o feta











The butter sculpture in the ‘dairy products’ building.  They had I ❤ Milk for sale for 25 cents and lots of ice cream.

the butter sculpture

And the food!

mo food

We ate gyros, bloomin onions, ice creams, and fried clam strips.  The food was inescapable and any type of fair food you could ever dream of from roasted corn and wine slushies to chocolate covered bacon and $1 baked potatoes (the line for which is literally 100ft).

maple soft serve

blackberry vanilla twist















The maple soft serve was so rich and creamy your tongue was swimming through it and I love any blackberry flavored ice cream.

bloomin onion

Gotta have something fried.

You could go to the fair everyday it was open and not eat the same thing twice.  Plus, some of the prices are actually reasonable like a $2 soft serve at Byrne Dairy.  At the other end there’s the $9 gyro that’s still delicious.

I don’t even have pictures of the rides but of course my brother wanted to go on the spinny-est of them.  Is it sad when you feel old when you’re in your 20s?  My brain cannot handle those rides like when I was 10.  *sigh* youth

There are also free concerts every night.  The Band Perry was playing the day we went and I was so excited because I was obsessed with “If I Die Young” at work literally the week before.  Unfortunately, the concert started at 8pm and after being there since noon the rest of my family was to tired to stick it out so I didn’t even get to hear them play it.

They have other ‘headliners’ as well like monster trucks and the demolition derby which I’ve heard is quite the amusement.  Good ole Amurica, running cars into each other till they die.

Overall, it’s like a better fun, more diverse, cheaper, temporary, amusement park.  Parking is a breeze with a bazillion shuttle buses running around.  The worst part was the lines for the women’s bathroom…  It really was quite the experience with such a seemly unrelated set of experiences: pigs, the Space Roller, funnel cake, and demolition derby?  In any other place it would make absolutely no sense, but at the NYS fair it’s all just right.

Lavender Festival, San Juan Island

A beautiful, bright, and sunny day on San Juan Island and there is a lot going on this weekend. Farmer’s market, art show, salmon sale, and lavender festival.  I rode to the lavender festival at Palindaba Farm with a few friends and this is what I saw.

It was just beautiful.  Rows and rows of different kinds of lavender for a few acres.  During a cooking demo (more on that later) the nice old man next too me said that they owner wanted to open a farm but wanted to grow something different to avoid competition with other farms.  I guess no one was growing lavender because there is a whole lot of lavender here!  So many different types.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I bought some of their famous apple rhubarb lavender pie a la mode with lavender vanilla ice cream.

They even had crafts.  All sorts of things to make and buy, and the woman who made soap had leftover soap shavings you could make a soap ball with.  She was very nice.  I was really going to put a donation in the donation jar until I realized I had forgotten my wallet… >.<








It wasn’t very large or but some arts and crafts vendors, some food, music, massage, and some demos.  There was a cooking demo and the chef was preparing samples of all these dishes with lavender:  Lavender hazelnut biscotti, blueberry lavender cobbler, apricot glazed lavender duck, and roasted apricot with raspberry and goat cheese.

It was funny, cuz as the demo was going on a man with a beard sat in one of the plastic chairs in the back where one of the legs was broken and completely fell over backwards.  The nice old couple were telling me that he was the owner of the farm and if it happened to anyone, probably best if it was the boss.  haha

I would have stayed longer maybe, but my ride had to go.  I wasn’t able to check out the store but they also have a store in town down by Friday Harbor so I will try to check it out before I leave.Lavender Fields are Foreverrr!