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Lu’au in Ithaca

Ithaca is known for Cornell, crappy weather, and the gorges.  Lu’au’s??  Not so much.  Despite Ithaca being one of the most un-tropical places, every year there is, indeed, a lu’au.

Every spring, the Cornell Hawai’i Club puts on a Lu’au.  Complete with a buffet of Hawaiian food and hula dances, this lu’au is completely run by students.  A lu’au is a festive gathering where, traditionally, pork cooked in an imu, or underground oven, is served.  Although there was no underground oven, the lu’au served up up kalua (which means sherdded) pork, fried noodles, sweet potatoes, lomi salmon, lihing fruit, and rice.  Dessert served up butter mochi (rice cake), pineapple upside-down cake, and haupia, which is a traditional coconut custard.


dinner of Hawaiian foods                                    mmm dessert!

In addition to the buffet, lu’au also features a whole program of dances.  The two types of hula are kahiko and ‘auana.  Kahiko is the ancient style of hula that incorporates traditional mele, or songs, and ‘oli, or chants.  ‘Auana is the modern style that can be accompanied with current songs, music, and costuming.  Another year, another Lu’au.  Mahalo (thank you)!

Tahitian dance

A Waterpolo Weekend at Cornell

Who has ever heard of water polo?  Water polo is sometimes confused with the horsey polo and some people actually think water polo is horsey polo in a pool but I assure you that is not the case.  I would describe it as a combination of swimming, soccer, and wrestling all in a pool.  There are 6 players and a goalie in the pool for 4, 7 minute quarters and the general idea is to put the ball in the other team’s goal.

Cornell in red, Columbia in white

This weekend was Cornell’s home water polo tournament within the NY division.  Cornell, the defending NY champs, won all 4 games but not without a little drama.  The first game on Saturday against Columbia was won through sudden death overtime, which was a tad stressful.  The victories in the pool this weekend sets Cornell up as the 1st seed in the championship tournament April 14th and 15th hosted by Columbia.  A win at Columbia would send Cornell to the national club tournament in Florida the first weekend of May.  For more information and results check out the Collegiate Water Polo Association’s website and for more photos like our facebook page!

Go Big Red!

Four Seasons in Ctown

A cousin came to visit her sister who goes to the same school as me. For dinner, we decided to go out for Korean as my treat. There are a few Korean restaurants in ctown but I’ve heard that Four Seasons is the best. I had been there once before and it had been pretty good. Four Seasons conjures up themes of Vivaldi and instills thoughts of the four seasons of Ithaca: summer, winter, still winter, and road repair.

We got there a little early and after a few minutes were seated. The panchan was simple but good, steamed broccoli, blanched bean sprouts, spicy fishcake, and honeyed potatoes. When ever I go for Korean, I always have to ask for seconds of panchan because I seem to attack it as soon as they bring it to the table. I opted for Bibim Naeng Myun which is buckwheat noodles in a spicy sauce because it was so uncomfortably muggy and warm outside. Almost makes the cold, long winter seem like a favorable prospect. Naeng Myun is the perfect Korean dish for summer because it seems to be cooling.
spicy, cool, deliciousness
The noodles were nice and chewy and the gojujang or chili pepper paste was red and pretty sweet. There was some garnish of cucumbers, beef, and kimchi that I mixed into the noodles.

This must be the best Korean in ctown because almost as soon as we had sat down the tables were being arranged to seat a few large looking parties. Soon enough, a whole horde of Korean students marched in and sat down at the long tables seated for 20. They seemed to be international students and it might have been some dinner to start off the beginning of the semester. It just seemed to confirm that Four Seasons is the place to be for Korean food in ctown and possibly all of Ithaca.

Four Seasons: ~ ~ ~ ~ 4 spicy noodles
Fufilling Korean with pretty good panchan for a good price ($10.95 for Bibim Naeng Myun). The place is a little small but it seems to be flocked by the Korean internationals and everyone else as well.