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Breakfast for Lunch: More French Toast

I had barely finished savasana at my morning yoga before I had started thinking about what I was going to make for lunch.  After a quick mental scan of my fridge, I came to the conclusion I could make french toast!

If you’re like me then breakfast is usually cereal while you’re trying to make your lunch because you’re running late.  It was nice to have a real breakfast!  Even if it was for lunch…

French Toast:

*bread (~3 small slices)

*1 egg

*1/4 cup milk

*1 tsp sugar

*1/2 tsp cinnamon

*butter (for pan)

In a shallow bowl where your sliced bread can fit, mix all ingredients except the butter.  Preheat your pan over low-medium heat and take a slice of bread for a dip in the mixture, flipping to coat both sides.  Drain bread for a second over the bowl before placing it in the buttered, heated pan.  Flip after a few minutes when it’s golden brown.  Sprinkle some powdered sugar and maybe some blueberry sauce (recipe below) and you’ve got a delicious breakfast for lunch!

chillin in the pan

Blueberry sauce:  Inspired by a Mark Bittman blueberry jam video

*1 cup fresh/frozen blueberries

*1 juiced lemon

*1/8 cup sugar

*optional: 1 tsp cornstarch dissolved in a couple Tbsps water

Combine all ingredients in a small saucepan on low-medium heat.  Bring to boil to desired thickness.

yummy blueberry sauce


Singapore Day in NYC

the entrance to Singapore Day in Prospect Park

This weekend I’m in NYC for the NY Division Women’s Club Waterpolo Championships which I mentioned in a previous post.  The Saturday also happened to be Singapore Day.  One of my friends, Yiwen, on the waterpolo team is from Singapore and invited me to come with her in between games (which wasn’t the best idea since we were on the upper west side at Columbia and the event was in Prospect Park in Brooklyn…).

delicious spicy coconut noodles with shirmp Singaporean dish

Singapore is a small island-nation in SE Asia at the tip of the Malay Peninsula surrounded by Indonesia.  The government sponsored the first Singapore Day in 2007 in NYC and has held it in Melbourne, London, and Shanghai before coming back to NYC this year.  The purpose of Singapore Day is to keep Singaporeans abroad connected to home.  They fly over food ‘hawkers’ or vendors and set up exhibitions on various topics such as the national service and jobs back in Singapore.  We only had a short time there, but we got cute “I ❤ SG” totes, some food, and the company of many Singaporeans.  Yiwen saw friends from home who were abroad all over the US and they all said it made them want to go back home.

me and Yiwen with the “Clean Water Campaign” in Singapore mascot

Lu’au in Ithaca

Ithaca is known for Cornell, crappy weather, and the gorges.  Lu’au’s??  Not so much.  Despite Ithaca being one of the most un-tropical places, every year there is, indeed, a lu’au.

Every spring, the Cornell Hawai’i Club puts on a Lu’au.  Complete with a buffet of Hawaiian food and hula dances, this lu’au is completely run by students.  A lu’au is a festive gathering where, traditionally, pork cooked in an imu, or underground oven, is served.  Although there was no underground oven, the lu’au served up up kalua (which means sherdded) pork, fried noodles, sweet potatoes, lomi salmon, lihing fruit, and rice.  Dessert served up butter mochi (rice cake), pineapple upside-down cake, and haupia, which is a traditional coconut custard.


dinner of Hawaiian foods                                    mmm dessert!

In addition to the buffet, lu’au also features a whole program of dances.  The two types of hula are kahiko and ‘auana.  Kahiko is the ancient style of hula that incorporates traditional mele, or songs, and ‘oli, or chants.  ‘Auana is the modern style that can be accompanied with current songs, music, and costuming.  Another year, another Lu’au.  Mahalo (thank you)!

Tahitian dance

A Waterpolo Weekend at Cornell

Who has ever heard of water polo?  Water polo is sometimes confused with the horsey polo and some people actually think water polo is horsey polo in a pool but I assure you that is not the case.  I would describe it as a combination of swimming, soccer, and wrestling all in a pool.  There are 6 players and a goalie in the pool for 4, 7 minute quarters and the general idea is to put the ball in the other team’s goal.

Cornell in red, Columbia in white

This weekend was Cornell’s home water polo tournament within the NY division.  Cornell, the defending NY champs, won all 4 games but not without a little drama.  The first game on Saturday against Columbia was won through sudden death overtime, which was a tad stressful.  The victories in the pool this weekend sets Cornell up as the 1st seed in the championship tournament April 14th and 15th hosted by Columbia.  A win at Columbia would send Cornell to the national club tournament in Florida the first weekend of May.  For more information and results check out the Collegiate Water Polo Association’s website and for more photos like our facebook page!

Go Big Red!