Brioche Loaf

Ahhh bread.  Delicious carbiness that completes my soul.

Brioche is a frenchie, buttery type that can be sweet.  It is similar to Challah but I’m sure that isn’t a very pc comparison.  I first made it with a friend for Thanksgiving a few weeks ago and for a fabulous picture of our bread platter and general recap of turkey day look at her blog here.  It was a beautiful braided piece that was divine.

I decided to make more since I have buckets of time currently.  The one from Thanksgiving was from a recipe in Cooking Light November issue(?) and the one above is a recipe from “The Gourmet Cookbook” which is a buttery-yellow tome of a cookbook.

It was pretty easy to make but requires a bit of time.

I had to try a slice even though it was 11:30.  It was so worth it.


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