Summer brings… Fruit flies =(

I am moved in back to my apartment in school savoring the warm weather and sun before the long winter sets in. It is wonderful and glorious except for one thing… fruit flies! These blasted bugs drive me craaazay!! Literally any fruit left in the kitchen will spawn more. I’ve become more adept at swatting those little bugger but there were so many I had to take more action. After a quick google search I assembled two traps using household ingredients. An orange juice, water, soap cocktail, and a soy sauce water version. Apparently, apple cider vinegar works really well but I didn’t have any so I tried juice and I also read that soy sauce was supposed to work. The soap is also important because it decreases the surface tension of the water so the flies sink. Ya who knew?
So the verdict?

soy and orange

Those little dots in the orange juice one are dead flies and there are none in the soy sauce. Maybe it’s because I didn’t put soap in the soy sauce one? Dunno. I’m just glad the orange juice one works!


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