Spices – A Restaurant

Wow, so I’ve fallen behind in updating…  Studying took over a little bit I guess.

Nonetheless I have still been eating!

Last Sunday I was peregrinating around UH campus area on Dole St. looking for some dinnahs.  I was looking for maybe a ramen shop or Chinese or something and there were a few no-goes.  I walked a little further down and there was a restaurant called “Spices” spelled with chili peppers calling itself a southeast asian restaurant.  I love Thai food and despite only having been open for a little while there were already 2 people eating inside.  It looked pretty nice and I was getting hungrier so I walked in.

It was a nice little restaurant with light streaming in on the yellow-gold paint with framed pictures and buddhas around.

They put mint in the water bottles which looked pretty classy.  The water didn’t taste like mint or anything but it looked cool.

The menu had some Thai classics like pad thai, Burmese, and perhaps Laotian food?  I ended up ordering the Burmese Ono Khao Soi aka Roger’s fave with tofu.  This is my first khao soi and I think first Burmese dish.  Although, I may have had a Burmese style biryanni at a cooking class…


I ordered the Burmese Ono Khao Soi.

Noodles in curry with tofu and cilantro topped with crispy fried noodles on top. Delish. I’ve never had noodles in curry but it was really good. I love curry because even the tiniest leftovers makes another meal if you just mix it with rice. A little leftover curry goes a long way!

Of course I had to have dessert.

Khao Niew Kha Thi is the Burmese mango sticky rice with a coconut custard. I had to pay extra for the mango but mangoes are worth it.

It was garnished with mint and I totally ate it too.

Spices – ~< ~< ~< ~< ~< Delish


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