Last post was about the Honolulu Fish Auction and right around the corner was Nico’s where we had breakfast.  Nico’s is right on the same pier as the auction warehouse so the fish here probably travels 100ft on land before it’s cooked.


It was a causal place ordering at a counter with outdoor seating under a canopy.  I got the catch of the day omelette which was swordfish.  The fish was wrapped in a green onion omelette with a side of fried rice and fruit.

catch of the day omelette: swordfish

The swordfish was nice and juicy and I think that’s the first time I have ever had swordfish come to think of it…  It was perfect with a good splash of tabasco sauce and the fried rice was delicious with bits of bacon and sausage.  When I reached for the tabasco sauce one of the NOAA guys taking us around said ‘I knew it!  All my Korean friends put tabasco sauce on everything!’  I think I just kinda smiled innocently and said something along the lines of ‘yea, it tastes good spicy’ while dousing my omelette with tabasco.  I’m also pretty sure I also paid and extra 25 cents for the biodegradable container and got styrofoam instead.  hrmm.  It’d be better if they added 15 cents to everything and automatically served everything in biodegradable containers.

Pros: good breakfast, fresh fish, fried rice, tabasco sauce, and they offer biodegradable containers

Cons: where’s my biodegradable container I paid for that will make me feel less guilty when I throw it away?  don’t make it a choice and just make all the containers biodegradable, are you listening nico’s? plastic forks. guh  just ups the guilt factor.  more on that later.  and maybe more fish-eating-vegetarian friendly options like fried rice without bacon?

Overall Nico’s: 0< 0< 0< 0<   4/5 fishis


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Jenny Kim on July 9, 2011 at 2:25 am

    I love your blog! Very nicely done and fun to read and I’m sure it will evolve over time.
    I saw your little kitchen. Oh just 4 more weeks and then you can be home and whip up great dishes and desserts here. Can’t wait. Love you and miss you!
    Have fun in Hawai’i!



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